Folding & Perfing

Save time, money, and energy with World One's mail folding services. Properly folded inserts will fit into smaller envelopes which can help reduce your postage costs. Folding your mailing contents yourself by hand will be a drain on your employee resources which is why it is much more cost-effective to let our production staff do it for you.

It may seem trivial, but folding is a critical part of the mail prep process. An incorrect fold could obscure important information or prevent your package from fitting into the proper envelope. World One provides accurate and efficient document folding services in-house with our automated machines as well as by hand.

  • Max sheet size is 14" x 20"
  • Perfing also available

Tabbing (Wafer Sealing)

Folded self-mailers are required to be sealed to meet USPS requirements for mailing. We can seal your mailing using 1" or 1.5" tabs, depending on the requirements of your project.

Automated Envelope Inserting

Fast and Accurate Envelope Insertion

Envelope insertion may never cross your mind, unless you've had to stuff & seal envelopes by hand. Inserting your envelope contents yourself will cost you time, money, and energy which is why it is much more efficient for World One to process your envelope inserting using our machines.

  • Automated Envelope Inserting: #10 Envelopes - Up to 6 Inserts
  • Automated Envelope Inserting: 6 x 9 & Other Envelope Sizes - Up to 3 Inserts
  • Hand Inserting: Calendars, Magnets, Perfect Bound Books, Payment Booklets & Other Bulky Inserts also available

Offline Envelope Sealing

If your envelopes have been hand-stuffed, we can use high-speed sealing equipment to finish the job - eliminating the need for messy sponges to hand-seal.

Direct Addressing

Direct addressing (or inkjet addressing) helps create quality first impressions by acknowledging the importance of the recipient. Recipients are more likely to read mail directly addressed to them. This helps create better company, product, and service awareness, increasing your sales and improving customer loyalty.

Our high-speed commercial inkjets can efficiently address most mail pieces, including magazines, postcards, envelopes, newsletters, self-mailers and more.

  • Capable of addressing up to 22,000 pieces per hour
  • Inline drying equipment to prevent smudging coated stock
  • Automated label-affixing also available


World One can print & affix labels as an alternative to inkjet-addressing your mail. This application is often used for difficult stocks; including UV-coated cards, newsprint & thick catalogs.

Contact us to learn if this application is right for your direct mail project.

  • 1-Up Labels
  • Cheshire 3-Up & Cheshire 4-Up Labels
  • Machine Application of Postage Stamps
  • Laser Labels
  • Dot Matrix Labels & Forms